"Friday night I crashed your party..."

It's a chilly Friday here in our little corner of New Jersey! PJ is tucked into bed after a mellow, pajama-clad day inside with Mama. Mama and Dada are enjoying some down time before we follow our son's lead and head to bed ourselves. It's my favorite kind of time- peaceful, cozy, and quiet.

Actually, it's my second favorite time, because nothing beats when PJ, Pete and I are all together, laughing and playing!

At any rate, this first full week of the New Year has been one of minor victories and a few epic fails! My resolution list is still fighting for completion, but only a few items are making it so far! Thank goodness, one of the items getting by is my resolution to keep things neat around here, goddamnit! Every night, the dishes get done, the toys put away, the rooms straightened up. And it's wonderful. When I get up in the morning, my favorite coffee mug is clean. The paring knife I use to cut up fruit for PJ is not under a pile of dishes in the sink and his high chair doesn't have schmutz in it from his last meal! I know this is hardly a revelation for normal people but for a lifelong slob like me? It's a big deal!

Another big win this week has been getting PJ to nap in his crib instead of his swing. From 3-7 months, PJ just didn't nap. He would cat nap once or twice a day for about 20 minutes but otherwise? Nothing. It was crazy. Finally, right around 8 months, he suddenly fell into a nap pattern with a morning and afternoon nap. It was wonderful. But in our desperation to get him to nap, period, we tried the swing to see if it would lull him to sleep. It did, and we didn't mess with a winner! But, we felt like he's getting too big to nap for 2 hours in the swing. It can't be a good position for his back and neck. So on Monday, PJ was put down for a nap in his own bed. Amazingly, it was a pretty smooth transition! He plays for a big longer before going to sleep, but he's had a solid, 2-hour nap in his crib every day this week! Win!

Epic fail? Watching what I eat. While it hasn't been the usual shovel-it-in fest my snack routine can be, I still have had a lot of crap sneak into my diet this week. But, I am emboldened by my ability to keep things neat for an entire week, so the next step will be working an exercise routine into my schedule. I think the easiest thing would be to do a home workout after PJ goes to bed, but finding a workout that will jive with my living situation (ie., nothing too hoppy/jumpy/bangy). I will find something though! And if you read this, be sure to ask be about my progress a lot, and shame me harshly if I'm slacking!

For now, though, it's off to bed! Poor PJ just settled back into bed after a bout of restlessness (I think he's teething, poor little man) and I want to catch a snooze before he's up again!

Goodnight, loves!


Jen - LifeWithLevi said...

Ok, to me, a neat house is totally a big deal. We struggle with clutter. Big time. So I think it's hugely awesome that you've been successful at keeping things neat all week!

Glad the naptime transition is going well. Keep it up mama!

Jenn said...

Yay for straightening things up. That's a hard one for me too. The napping is awesome!! You'll get there on everything else. Just remember that just because it's a New Year's resolution doesn't mean you have to accomplish it all while the year is new. Change takes time! I'll pester you!