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Things on Thursday

...The woman involved in this letter, from what I understand, had the location of her home put on the internet and has had people contacting her place of employment, calling for her to be fired. C'mon people. Aren't we better then that? She wrote a thoughtless letter. About Halloween. And yes, it trivialized the tragic events of a weather disaster that hurt so many of our NJ neighbors. Still, I don't think she was malicious, just thoughtless. Get it together, people.

...Ever since the storm, PJ has been insane. He's been super-hyper and crazed, and Pete and I are at a bit of a loss as to how to handle it. We know that part of it was the disruption of his routine- we didn't have therapy for most of last week, as we were stuck in the apartment for as much time. But aside from that, he laughs in our face if we try to discipline him. My only guess is that being developmentally delayed means that we are entering the Terrible Twos-ish behavior now. Frig.

...In other things that strike terror into my heart are on my mind, PJ starts school in about two weeks. The recent...um...behavior enhancers he has been displaying make me nervous, and I fear that he will just be too much for his teacher to handle. I try to remember that she is a professional, and that I have heard nothing but amazing, wonderful things about her from people I know and trust. And I try to remember that I have seen awesome results in other children who have been through this program. Still, I can't help but worry that she may just punt him out the door one day.

...My purple hair is fading fast. I think next time I will go with good old Manic Panic! Marla gets to pick the color, so we'll see what she comes up with. Marla and I, along with PJ and Marla's lifelong friend Ann, met up for some lunch and retail therapy today. We discovered a wig store at our local mall and dove right in. With the help of the extremely kind woman who ran the store, Mar found a really cute, chin-length, chestnut-colored number that looked amazing on her! Stupid Lupus may be taking her hair, among other things. But her sense of adventure and sense of humor are fully intact. Rock on.

Plus, we found a wig that looked just like my Mom-Mom's hair, and it was name Brie. Awesomesauce.

...I am way behind on housework, which is insane because I was stuck in the house for much of last week! Must fix.

...This is Pete's last week on his floor before he starts his new job in the ER. The other night his co-workers gave him a little pizza and wings send off. I think it meant a lot to him. He started working on that floor after over a year of trying to find a job, a year in which we welcomed PJ and were just getting by. He will spend a few weeks on days again, which is a mixed blessing. It will be wonderful to have him home at nights and not have to spend his days off sleeping of the shift from the night before! But, day work pays less so it will be tight for a few weeks. Eh. It's a trade off.

...I have had a headache all day. It's time for bed.

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love the purple hair!