"Makes me wanna scream..."


The following is a rant.

UGH. Sometimes, life is just so unbelievably unfair. That your future can be held in the hands of someone who wants to hurt you, pretty much on a whim, is even more unfair. To have to live on pins and needles for goodness knows how long, to either be okay or completely defeated in the end is unfair. And, just for me, the fact that I can't specifically talk about what is on my heart right now is really unfair.

And nobody knows as well as I do that life, sometimes, is just freakin' unfair. We have always tried to deal with it the best we can and still live our lives as happy as possible, always aware of the blessings around us- our son, each other, our family, our friends. We do have so much to be thankful for, and we try to be every single day.

Sometimes though, something happens that is so hurtful, frustrating, stupid, unreasonable...that you feel like it could all slip away.

So, we'll just hold on tight for now and hope for the best.


Shelly said...

do you need anything friend?

I do what I want! said...

Sometimes life is unfair....but it always gets better :-)

Praying for you!