"I am still enchanted by the light you brought to me..."

It's Sunday night, and I am inside with PJ, watching the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Anniversary Concert on HBO On Demand, and unwinding from a very busy weekend!

This was our first weekend to venture out with the baby, and while it was a great time, I found myself extremely overwhelmed! I guess it's the protective "New Mama" in me, but it was hard knowing that everyone we were with wanted a piece of our son! If he wasn't being passed around, everyone was just looking at him! Believe me, his repertoire of tricks is pretty limited at this age. And people are pretty germy, so I couldn't help but feel a little...well, really? I felt like a lunatic! But, I just chalk it up to still trying out my New Mama Legs and know that it will get easier with time and practice! I can't keep him sequestered in our apartment forever, and there will come a time when I might actually have to 1. put him down and 2. let someone else pick him up!

But I may not do that until he's at least a month old!

New Mama lunacy aside, it really was a very busy, very fun weekend! Last night, we gathered at my parents house to celebrate the second night of Hanukkah! It was so much fun to light the candles with my son and know that he will grow up with this sweet tradition from the Jewish side of the family! PJ also took part in the tradition of learning new, special words from his Mom and Zeyde as we watched the Flyers lose again! UGH!

Sunday, we all gathered at Nan and Pop's (Pete's parents) to have a cousins picture taken as a Christmas gift for the grandparents! Carl, Delia, Grace, Sarah, Riley, Emilia and PJ all wore adorable matching shirts (thanks, Aunt Shelly!) and the photographer, God love him, weathered the storm of kids fighting, crying, not staying still, not looking at the camera, and other such general chaos to get some really wonderful shots! I can't wait to see them!

And now that I have ventured out into the real world with PJ and made it through relatively unscathed, save for a hormonal bout of New Mama Lunacy, I will feel brave enough to expand my horizons and start getting out, because as overwhelmed as I felt this weekend, I am getting even more overwhelmed by the sight of the walls of this apartment!

So, wish me luck! :-)


I do what I want! said...

I bet it is so hard having everyone want to touch him but no lie I would want to hold him too! He is the cutest little thing ever!

Cocoa said...

Oh, look at his cute little smile.