"Alone and bored on a thirtieth-century night..."

I imagine in a few years, I'll be hearing alot of this:

"I'm booo-oooo-oooo-red!"

(the extra syllables will be indicative of any child of mine...)

That aside, since I'm still pregnant and said child does not have the proper use of his vocal cords to declare such a statement (unless I just can't hear it from under the massive amount of pumpkin pancake I consumed today),I'm the one whining about boredom tonight!!

The pumpkin pancakes were enjoyed at a fun girls day out to celebrate the impending birth of a boy (to be named Ezra) for my sweet friend Michelle, where I was far from bored! Even though a "proper" shower isn't the tradition after the first baby, a bunch of Michelle's girlfriends saw fit to have a day out at The Painted Cottage in Collingswood, where we all enjoyed each others company and the yummy food! Plus, Michelle's face when she walked in and saw us all standing there was hilARIous! That part of the day was not boring!

Then I got to come home, and lay around in my underwear (Hey, don't judge me. It was muggy out today and there's alot of me to be hot these days!) and watch Armageddon with Pete while I also did kick counts! That part wasn't boring either!

But then, Pete went to work and there was nothing good on TV and I'm all caught up on the stuff I DVR'ed. So boredom set in! I cooked, but that honestly just bores me more! Stupid domesticity.

Tomorrow, I will again have something to combat my boredom, as the sister-in-law and I are headed off to Atlantic City for yet another Girl's Night Out! Shelly, Ann Marie and I will be joined by cousins Stacy and Heather, who are extremely fun, energetic, and sweet, so it should be a raucous evening! I'll be hurting on Monday (for a number of reasons aside from being out all day tomorrow...I'll go into all of that another time) but it should be well worth it, if for nothing else then the Buffalo Chicken Meatballs at The Continental AC!

Oh, well. I am going to give in to my boredom and go watch TV in bed!!! At least I'll be comfy!!


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Shelly said...

thank you for my special day, friend!

and, enjoy the boredom while it lasts--because being bored is the only thing that motherhood has taken away from me =) well...that and sleeping in....but everything that it has brought has been totally, absolutely, 100% worth it.