'Twas the Day After Christmas

'Twas the day after Christmas, our duties were few. 
Just Pete and just PJ and just me, the Jew. 
The presents, now unwrapped, were strewn 'bout the place.

PJ played with contentment, a smile on his face. 
A day as relaxed as the robe I was wearing-
'Till the Eagles came on and Pete started swearing. 
There was coffee to sip, Christmas candy to nosh
And after our baking, dishes to wash. 
After all of the jolly, after Santa had come, 
After presents were given out to everyone
We all sat around and that was just fine. 
The presents, some coffee, this family of mine. 
In between restful moments PJ needed help
As he gleefully pulled his new toys off the shelf
"Play with trains! Build Lego's!" he commanded sans care
Resplendent in his new Super Mario Bros underwear. 
Our Day After Christmas turned out pretty swell.
'Twas a day to relax and to reflect as well. 
To think of the moments from Christmas that shone
All the people I loved gathered inside one home. 
The moments I laughed at, the times that I smiled. 
(My full plate of food that I quickly defiled)
Watching my son and his cousin play catch.

Giving out cookies, batch after batch. 
A morning mimosa, a bagel and lox.
Opening up brand-new jammies and socks. 
The cousin Pollyanna saw the kids being Elf-y

And the family turned in for a Christmas Day selfie. 

The 12 Days of Christmas we all gathered to sing,
All shouts when we got to the "Five Golden Rings!"

The hugs and the smiles and the thank-you's and cheer

The men smoking cigars and drinking some beer. 
Everyone chatting 'bout various topics
While outside, it kind of felt like the tropics. 
The spirit was strong despite the weird weather. 
We may have been hot, but we were all together! 
The Eagles are still losing, Pete continues to curse. 
But still, all in all, it sure could be worse. 
Now I'm off to bed, but 'for I'm out of sight:
Merry Day After to all, and to all a good night. 

Some more pictures from our Christmas Day: 

"Like the scripture said
'Everyone shall sit under their own vine
and fig tree.
And no one shall make them afraid..."

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