...seems like it's always understood this time of year.

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I can kick and scream all I want, but summer is coming to an end.

I have said before that, while I have always loved summer, it has far more magic since I became a mother. As soon as the weather is warm, my adventurous boy likes to drink in everything that summer has in its cup, and watching him do so has been one of my favorite parts of motherhood.

This summer was different. Pete and I made the decision to pass on the summer program offered by our school district (a meager four days a week, two hours a day) in favor of a full-day, much more intensive program that took us through the  entire summer. With PJ's negative behaviors rising (along with our continued difficulty in finding a productive means to address those behaviors via the school system) we knew it was time to find something different. When we finally were able to get PJ set up with a quality behavioral  therapy program, we knew this was a golden opportunity to make some real progress this summer.

At the Camden Children's Garden
The first day we dropped him off, I cried the whole way home. It seemed so strange to be without my Boy. I reconciled this in knowing that we were doing the right thing for him, and that we had reached the now or never point- offer him some intensive therapies while he is still so young or risk the chance that his behaviors pass the point of no return. I knew we had made the right decision, but it was hard. It was so hard to keep that adventurous little Boy from all the things he loves about summer.

Of course, in what has become a recurring theme on this blog, I was wrong. PJ has had an amazing summer, full of all of the fun and adventure I wish for him, and he also made huge strides at his summer program. When I walked in today, he was sitting at the table working with his therapist so beautifully, it took my breath away. Just three weeks ago, he was surfing the ocean waves. His progress reports showed quick, steady improvement and his play date calendar stayed full. His speech has come along in leaps and bounds, and he rode a full-size roller coaster just last week. As it turned out there was room for both growth and adventure this summer, and my baby Boy earned both in spades.

Splash Pad at the Camden Children's Garden
I think about where I was at the start of the summer. I was so sure that Autism was going to rob my son of the summer he deserved. In fact, I had reconciled myself to the idea that we would give up this one summer to ensure that the next ones were everything we wanted for him. But, in what I hope will be one of many moments of grace throughout our lifetime with PJ, we got both and I can not be more thankful.
Swings and Philly Pretzels with cousin Riley

Assateague Island- PJ was not a fan of the fish and other sea life in the bay, LOL! 

Last day of track! 

Above and below: Surfing with the Best Day Foundation at Brick Beach III. An indescribable experience that can only be assessed by the smile on PJ's face! We feel so amazingly blessed that PJ had this opportunity! 

Trampoline at Aunt Shelly's in the golden hour. 

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