Summertime, and the livin' is easy...

{stream of consciousness}

I am, truly, the Worst Blogger Ever. I know that I am prone to falling off the writing wagon, but this time, I fell off and rolled down the hill (thanks, Savanah Guthrie, for that expression!). I have often said that when I drift away from writing that the only person I hurt is myself, and that's the truth. I let all of my thoughts and expression and get clogged up until nothing can flow. It leaves me grumpy and anxious and I should stop doing that.

Either way, the Stanley Cup Finals are over which means summer is officially here! PJ finished his last day of pre-school and is ready to start a whole new adventure in Kindergarten. We still have a long road to go before we know for sure what that will look like for PJ, but there is no rest for Pete and I until we know that PJ is best able to reach all of the potential we know he has.

Before school begins, though, we have our summer. Summer has always been so special to me since PJ was born. Summer his when PJ is at his best and bravest and shiniest, and we love to fill our days with adventure and fun. Summer will be a little different this year- PJ will take part in an intensive Autism program three full days a week. It's a far cry from the measly two hours a day of extended school year we are used to, that left our days free from 10am on. I'll drop PJ off at nine and pick him up at three and in between, I will be alternately sad and proud. Sad because I will miss my guy so much while he is at therapy and proud because I know he will work so hard.

Despite all of that, we do have plenty of summer ahead of us, time to fill with all of our usual adventures! We are just setting some of this summer aside to help PJ grow and learn and stretch, with benefits that will, hopefully, carry over into the school year and beyond. We already have a week down the shore on the books, and there's more fun to be had!

Welcome, summer!

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