It's the thrill of the fight...


I am sitting on my couch in a quiet house. We had a snow day this week to liven things up, which left me to pick up the aftermath of having a little boy cooped up inside all day. Trains all over, his beloved cat stuffed animals piled up on the couch, and bits of snacks abandoned everywhere. I found an apple slice on his dresser and an animal cracker between the couch cushions. Gross But he returned to school on Friday and we're back to "normal" and hoping like hell that was the last of the snow. At least, I'm hoping.

I know that March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb, and that it is only March 6th, but I am really ready for some lamb-like weather. Although this winter was nothing compared to last in terms of snow, it was been a bleak, grey season and I am desperately ready for some sunshine! Playground visits and bike rides and after-dinner walks because it's still light out; I am ready for the new season to start! Bring. It. On.

March is a weird month in general, kind of whishy-washy and transitional. There are no major holidays (St. Patty's Day does not count, weirdos! Unless you have like, a family dinner and get dressed up or something. Then, I beg your pardon.), no real season to make its mark. I can't even bust out my maxi-dress collection.

This year, of course, March is also filled with meetings to discuss what will come next for PJ in regards to his schooling. I am a nervous wreck, of course. There is no real reason to be as of yet, but I find myself very anxious to know what the next step will be as PJ moves into Kindergarten. Last year we were very pleasantly surprised at the plans for PJ, so I try to remember that. But, I am not entirely sure that we will have the same luck this year. Much as I try not to dwell on the possibilities, it is difficult not to. And 'tis the season for special needs moms all over- nothing like IEP time to send us running for the bars!

Not knowing exactly what is around the bend is nerve-wracking, particularly because our next transition could be a big one that will have to be executed quickly. Thankfully, my little family seems to be able to roll with the punches, so we'll just hang on and see what's next.

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