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I have been a big reader for as long as I can remember. When I was pregnant with PJ, I started stockpiling books before I bought him one article of clothing. Titles that I had always dreamed of reading to my child were sitting on the shelves of his bookcase, waiting for his arrival.

Thankfully, PJ loves books as much as his mama. We haven't missed a bedtime story more than a handful of times in his five years of existence. When he was a baby, he would listen intently to the story. Now, he is able to read simple books on his own. If I have nothing else to offer him from my side of the genetic pool, I hope that he has my reading skills and love for books.

PJ has nearly 300 books in his collection, but right now, these are his favorites! For more on the importance of reading to your children, visit Reading is Fundamental!

Llama Llama and the Bully Goat- Anna Dewdney: This book has switched into the Number One spot after Llama Llama Holiday Drama had an unprecedented run of nearly two months as favorite. I love this one because it is sweet and simple, but still teaches a lesson. It is NOT okay to be a bully, and if you're being bullied, you don't have to take it!

Nugget & Fang- Tammi Sauer and Michael Slack: This one is my favorite right now, the story of a shark and a minnow who are best friends. When the minnow (Nugget) learns that sharks are the enemy, he decides that he can no longer be friends with the shark (Fang) who is, of course, devastated. It's a funny story that I actually enjoy, too!

Bad Kitty- Nick Bruel: I did not know until I discovered this book at our school book fair that there is a whole Bad Kitty series that spans a variety of reading levels, so I can't wait to add to our collection as PJ's reading level increases. This is the story of a kitty who decides to go rouge when his owners run out of food that he likes. PJ loves this book because he is into cats and into bad behavior!

The Sleepy Little Alphabet- Judy Sierra: Another favorite of PJ's, this books tells the story of why all of the letters in Alphabet Town are still awake. Thanks to his obsession with his ABC's, this book has been a standby. We have read it so often that both PJ and I know it by heart!

Dirtball Pete- Eileen Brennan: This has been a favorite of ours for years, every since PJ got this book as a gift from his godmother. It's about a little boy named Pete (of course). Pete is usually a messy kid, but he needs to get cleaned up for his school pageant on the fifty states. Pete has been chosen to represent Pennsylvania, and his mother just wants everyone to see what an amazing little boy he is, not just the mess. It's a story I can completely relate to, and it's also why PJ knows that the capital of Pennsylvania is Harrisburg!

Al of these books can be found on Amazon.com or at any local bookseller. Some of these were purchased at our school Scholastic Book Fair (I LOVE that PJ gets to take part in the book fair, it was one of my favorite parts of school!). There's no affiliate links here, just a list of PJ's favorite books!

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    SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

    I always buy the kids in my life books. It's not unusual for me to buy babies books that are for teenagers just so I can rest assured their copy came from me.

    Thanks for some new ideas!