Time falls away, but these small hours still remain...


When my son, PJ, was born, I took approximately three pictures for every second he aged. A yawn? Click. A stretch. Click. Funny pooping face? Click. This sweet being was just growing, before my very eyes, and I tried to hard to keep it from slipping through my fingers by containing it in my camera/phone.

PJ continued to grow and stretch and contain my whole universe in his sweet little blond-haired, blue-eyed face. His first solid foods? Click. His first steps? Click. His first time in the ocean. One thousand clicks. Still, there were expected firsts that just didn't come and, just after his second birthday, PJ was diagnosed with Autism.

I remember thinking that all of those Clicks, all of those moments that had me constantly reaching for my camera or phone, were going to end. This fear, of course, was ridiculous. We didn't know (for sure) that PJ had Autism on a Tuesday and we knew (for sure) on a Wednesday. With the exception of a diagnosis, nothing had changed. My silly, sassy, funny, fearless, blonde, brave Boy was the same Boy I had always known, and once the initial shock and hurt wore off, he was back to being the subject of eleventy-million clicks before we knew it.

I have a number of ways to take pictures or video of PJ- I can use my point-and-shoot or my DSLR, but the most convenient method is my phone. It's nearly always on my person and can be whipped out in a flash when those click-worthy moments present themselves.  School has brought PJ miles ahead of where he was in terms of speech and his father and I love to take video of PJ using his words and expressions to tell us about his surroundings.

Now, thanks to the One Day app, I can grab my phone whenever PJ is in a talkative mood and record all of the funny, sweet things he has to say. Those moments are loaded into One Day and come out as a cute little movie, complete with a musical soundtrack. I can send these little vignettes to my family and friends via text or share them on my Facebook wall. I love the idea of something a bit more polished and lovely, as opposed to a video posted straight from my camera.

Thankfully, it's also easy to use. I can record each moment as they come. Later, when PJ is in bed and there is peace in the world, I can let the app knit them all together and create a full mini-movie. If we're on an outing, PJ can describe his day bit by bit, with no pressure, just a few moments at a time. For our family, this is huge.

The OneDay app is so easy, you don't even need to wear make-up or nice clothes to use it, as I have demonstrated in my first OneDay video (click here to see).

The OneDay app is available for iPhone through iTunes.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post to promote the OneDay- Instant Movie Maker App available in the Apple iTunes store. This is a compensated post, bull all opinions ate absolutely my own with so coercion or expectation. 

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Nicole Marica said...

i'm definitely checking this out, what a neat idea!