Ooooooooo, you're my best friend.

My cat, Gordie, was already almost ten years old when PJ was born. I got her when I was in college and living with my college boyfriend, a doomed relationship that only lasted another year or so after we acquired our fur-baby.

I got Gordie in the break-up, and she has been my companion for nearly 15 years now. She was there well before Pete and certainly before PJ, and now, PJ seems to think she is his cat. Once he was old enough to notice, she became his instant buddy.

 Gordie is not a friendly cat. She's the type of cat who loves her owner and tolerates other people. Barely. She loathes my friend Adam for some reason. She will flat out growl at him. She's not really the type of cat that you can pet or snuggle or glance at or be nice to. She's a grouchy girl, that Gordie. Her namesake is Gordie Howe, the legendary Detroit Red Wing's great (and my dad's hero) and she is a tough as he is! Tough, but not super friendly.

PJ can sometimes snuggle her with a little too much force, and I have waited for a hiss or a snap or a scratch, but for some reason, she patiently takes all of PJ's abuse  love. He uses her as a pillow, touches her nose, and cuddles with a little more aggression love than I would like. But no matter what PJ dishes out, Gordie takes it all in stride, and it warms my cold little heart to see my "first baby" and my human son fill each other with love.

Gordie is 15. I got her as a tiny little kitten in 1999 when I was in Erie, away at college and living with a boyfriend that wasn't going to be a part of my future. It feel like another lifetime, and yet, she's here with me in my very real lifetime, with my husband and my son. PJ doesn't have any siblings, but I was able to give him a friend anyway. I worry a little because Gordie's age is starting to show. If she gets into PJ's glass of milk it makes her barf and she's getting a little frail and skinny. But old or not, she's my son's favorite furry friend.

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    1 comment

    Anonymous said...

    This is such a sweet post! I love those adorable pics of your son and Gordie (who is gorgeous). We had two cat babies before our real babies came and the very first, Pixel, is like Gordie in temperment but she occasionally allows my oldest to pet her - more now that her sweet companion, our other kitty Nomi, passed away this winter. She was the one who tolerated cuddles.

    I hope Gordie lives a very long life. I know he's already 15, but we had a cat growing up who lived to nearly 20.