Yeah, it seems like yesterday.

The day before Thanksgiving, this guy turned 5.

Crazy Dress-Up Day at school- Cheer practice tee and fox pajama pants. So stylish. 
It feels like five years have gone by so slowly, and in the blink of an eye at the same time. Sometimes, when he deigns to give me a hug, I think about this big boy I have my arms around and how his entire body could nestle into my chest when he was a newborn.

Four was quite a year for us. It often felt like PJ was living out his Terrible Twos and Even Worse Threes in the body of a great big four year old. There were a few moments that made me afraid one of us wasn't going to make it to the Five Year Road Marker. But, we've done it. My best guy has started full-day school, just received his first actual, in an envelope report card, and had a big-kid birthday party at a trampoline park. Last night, he read his bed time story to me. My baby is five years old. Next year, he will need a second hand to display his age in fingers.

I usually am a person of many words, but it's so hard to find the right ones to properly express just how much this little wonder has changed my life. When PJ is at his best, when he's at his bravest, when he's at his worst and most fearful- it's just all good. It is not always easy, but it is always good.

I often tell the story of how my pregnancy with PJ was a surprise. I remember standing in the bathroom with two pink lines in my hand, freaking out. I peed on a handful of sticks, trying to make sense of it all. But it was real- PJ was here to stay and I have never been more aware of anything than the feeling of him growing inside of me. Every kick, every movement (or every non-kick and non-movement, torture for a hyper-overbearing mama!) felt like something amazing was happening. And then, a moment that began five years ago; he joined us on the outside and was laid in my arms, so skinny and blonde and looking just. like. Pete.

The kid has been on the outside for five years now. I've watched him grow and learn and surprise me every day with all he has to offer. It made me realize that even though I gave birth to this kid, even though he's on the outside, our babies are always on the inside, too. Always.

This past year was PJ's biggest yet. He performed in front of hundreds of people with the Storm Twisters. He rode the waves of the Atlantic on a surfboard, and try soccer for the first time. He rode horses and slid down giant, inflatable water slides. He took a trip on a pirate ship, shooting water cannons at the bad guys. He tried out Parkour and had his first ride on a zip line. At night, before I tuck him into bed, we still read our bedtime story but, now, PJ can read nearly all of the words.

There just aren't enough things to say about this little wonder, one who is so big and lives so bravely and seems to love life, even when it is hard. It is sometimes difficult to reconcile the brave boy who was the first and youngest on the water slide with the unsettled, agitated child who can have so much trouble controlling the energy and uneasiness in his little body. It's hard sometimes- hard to keep the thought "You know, if it weren't for Autism..." out of  my head.

But, if it weren't for Autism, I would have another little boy. Not PJ. It certainly doesn't define him, but it is a part of him. One part, just like his bravery is another part and his strange propensity to replace words of songs and stories with "sandwich" is yet another. There are a million pieces that come together to make this amazing, beautiful, funny, sweet, smart, defiant, precious son of mine. They have been five years in the making, and I can't wait for so many more birthday and new pieces of his being to form.

Happy, happy 5th birthday to you, Peter Joseph!

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