There’ll be magic, there’ll be fun!

Just a quick note tonight...

PJ had his first show tonight with cheer team, the South Jersey Storm. We are back for a second season and so happy to be there! PJ needs me less now- last season, I had to be out on the floor with him for practice. This year, he can be out there with his coach and team and learned his routine all by himself. The routine seems to get better and fine-tuned as the season moves along, so it's likely that tonight's show was just a preview for what we'll see as the year moves along. But all of that aside, there's nothing in the world that can beat watching my son be part of group that loves him so much, and that he loves back.

In fact, they love him so much that they all leap up to chase him when he decides to be a brat face and make a run for it!!

I can not stop laughing at this picture! Thanks to my friend Sara for snagging it! 
This weekend was filled, from start to finish, with so much love and happiness and celebration (more on that later) and this performance was the perfect way to cap it off. I can go to bed tonight (and I can't wait to do so because I am freaking tired!) with my heart full from all of it!

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Nicole Marica said...

haha! I love the running picture too!