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Burst of Creativity

I have always been a creative person, rather than a pragmatic one. I grew up a little dreamy, and loved to give in to the urge to write a poem or sing a song. As I grew, I learned to balance all of that with a more practical side of myself, but I never stopped loving the joy of creativity.

Now that I am a grown-up, a wife and a mother, it can sometimes be difficult to find moments to express creativity just for the sheer joy of it. Women in particular, and of any age, are so busy and carry so many roles. We have ample opportunity to create, to make Valentines for your child’s classmates or put together a Halloween costume. We use our creative muscles to keep our family’s lives going every day. As a woman, my place in my life allows me the chance to share my creativity with the people I love which is an amazing thing! But it’s finding the time to create for no other reason than the sake of creativity that can be elusive.

If you are a creative person, the chance to express that is like breathing. It is something you need to do to live. We can get caught up in taking care of our children, our spouses, our jobs and our friends, but when an airplane is going down, protocol is to place the mask on yourself before helping others. Taking just a few minutes to be creative just for the sheer joy of it can help us better take care of those around us.

And don’t worry, we do not have to bow to the subtle pressures of Pinterest when we pour out our art. It’s not about perfection but, rather, expression. Carry a small notebook in your purse or diaper bag to jot down a few lines of poetry or the outline of that short story you've been dreaming of. If something beautiful catches your eye, snap a picture of it with your phone. Collect those pictures later and create an album or a lovely set of stationary. Get into the crayons after the kids are in bed and draw for the sheer pleasure of it. The time for this might come in short bursts, but even if it is brief, it’s your time to use. Why not use it to express yourself?

These bursts can be the start of something big- staring a blog, writing your novel, painting that mural you always wanted in the living room- or stay small, acting as little anchors of sanity in a sea of chaos. There’s no race or deadline when we create for ourselves, just the pleasure of having created. 

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