Baby, baby, how was I supposed to know?

Our weekend was a busy one, full of soccer and parties and walks. We ran from one thing to the next with little break, but although it was busy, it was wonderful. We got the chance to celebrate the birthdays of friends we love, and spent lots of time with family and loved ones.

My cousin Matt and I are a week apart (he's older, hee hee!). I have known him every day of my life, and my childhood was punctuated by playing with him and his brothers during family gatherings at my Mom Mom's house or brunch at a place called Food-O-Rama in Philadelphia. He is my son's "Jewish Godfather."

On Saturday, we drove over to his home to celebrate the second birthday of his second born! Matt and his gorgeous wife Colleen are parents to nearly four-year-old Braelyn and now two-year-old Paxton. We watched our babies play, much the same way we used to:

It's so crazy that my baby plays with the babies of the people I was a baby with. Crazy and joyful! The people who have been there for me for so much of my life- family and friends- are also there for my son, and even produced built-in play mates!

Reality tells me that the kids won't grow up to be Best Friends Forever and marry a set of brother/sisters or best friends and live in mansions next door to each other. They could grow up as close as my cousin Matt and I have, or they can just be people who know each other. But right now, while they are still so young and sweet, it's easy to imagine that their babies will play together, too!

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      I love that they play together. Totally love the last bouncy house photo too.