Last week I had the fun honor of taking part in a blogging event at the Liberty Science Center!

We first discovered the LSC last winter, when we took PJ up to visit the Curious George exhibit they were hosting at the time. I grew up a die-hard Franklin Institute girl, and I was skeptical of the LSC's ability to measure up for me.

I need not have doubted. Located in Jersey City, the LSC is 300,000 square feet of science, laid out in a huge, beautiful building in Liberty State Park. We found so many things to engage our young learner, and plenty of things to hold the interest of my husband and I. An easy drive up the Turnpike, it's a bit of a distance for us from South Jersey (a little over an hour), but well worth it! It's quickly becoming one of our favorite day trips!

On this day, PJ and I arrived at the LSC and were greeted by Teicia and Cristie, the brains behind Jersey Moms Blog {Hi, girls! waves wildly!}. We checked in and were whisked off for pictures with the visiting celebrity- Clifford the Big Red Dog! Clifford was there to visit his new exhibit, Adventured With Clifford the Big Red Dog! PJ and I posed with the huge crimson hound and then headed off to join the other bloggers for lunch. At lunch we were treated to some fun demos of exhibits set up just for our kiddos as we learned all about the LSC from their very proud (and rightly so) staff. A liquid nitrogen demonstration was the standout, leaving our kids squealing with delight as thick white clouds rolled across the floor.

After lunch, we headed off into the museum, ready to take in all of the science it had to offer! Since we had already met Clifford, we figured we should head to his place first. Adventures With Clifford the Big Red Dog took us straight to the pooch's home on Birdwell Island. PJ filled Clifford's food dish with giant bones, slid down the tail of a giant Clifford statue, and danced on a stage with Clifford's friends. It was colorful and fun and exactly like we would imagine Birdwell Island to look if it came to life!

After that we dove into Beyond Rubik's Cube, 7,000 square feet dedicated to the famous puzzle that made us crazy in the 80's! PJ was hooked from the moment we stepped in and he was greeted with the Entry Wall, a living exhibit with sensors that follow the movements of your body in a show of light and color. PJ has been into puzzles lately, so he was in heaven. There were electronic puzzle tables with touch screens, opportunities to create his own wooden puzzle cube (much like the original Rubik's Cube prototype), play with brightly colored magnetic tiles, and check out gorgeous, moving light fixtures. The exhibit was so large and fun that we missed a few things, such as the Rubik's Cube made from 18 karat gold and precious jewels. That's something I need to see with my eyes! The exhibit runs through November, so we are looking forward to visiting again! 
After the Cube, we visited some old favorites from previous visits, such as Our Hudson Home (there is a turtle there that I kind of love) and tried out the Wildlife Challenge (which is seasonal and had been closed during our previous visits). This was an outdoor installation that lets visitors navigate obstacles from the point of view of local wildlife. This was a favorite for my own little wild Dude! We could have spent a full 24 hours exploring, but soon, PJ tired out and it was time to head home. Thankfully, the LSC is just a drive up the Turnpike! 
A HUGE thank you to Jersey Moms Blog and The Liberty Science Center for showing us such a wonderful day! I am looking forward to more opportunities to share the fun that the LSC has to offer! 

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