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A few weeks ago, we made a trip to Toys 'R Us for a special purchase- PJ's first "big boy" bike. It was one of those small-but-important milestones that I had been dreaming of since the moment I found out I was having a son. As we walked towards the bike section, visions of family bike trips and rides to the park danced in my head.

After some deliberation, we finally settled on a cool dude bike, green and black with some bright orange accents. We wheeled it to the car, stopping to take a picture before we loaded it in. It felt like such a big-kid thing to do, and I couldn't help but feel excited about it!

Our first few times out on the bike were kid of rough. PJ's motor skills are delayed, and the act of pedaling was very hard for him. It was so difficult that it made it hard for him to stay focused, since the bike wasn't going anywhere! There was a lot of physically crawling behind him as we guided his little legs through the motions of pedaling.

I started to realize that I was becoming more frustrated than PJ was {shame}, so on a cool afternoon I sent Pete and PJ out the door to take another try at riding the bike. I thought the change of instructor might do PJ some good and, sure enough, my phone rang- Pete telling me to come outside. PJ was perched atop his bike and with a little push, he was off.

I could see that the action of pedaling was hard work. PJ needed to truly concentrate on the motion of pumping his legs up and down and moving the bike forward, he was pushing though his whole body! But, he was doing it, and all at once I knew for sure that PJ's baby days are over. He looked like such a big boy. It was hard not to be emotional!

It's been about a week since then, and PJ is getting this riding a bike thing down! I would say that steering is his biggest challenge right now, but we have taken a bike ride to the park, the very milestone I dreamed about when we wheeled his new ride out of the store. He looks so proud when he pedals...and his Mommy is proud, too!

My Guy is off and rolling!

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