...you done made me have to get in my bag.

What's In My Bag?

I have seen this post all over the internets (and sometimes in US Weekly!) and have always wanted to write one myself. I don't know why, as it's kind of self-serving and not at all inspiring or informative...but it's fun, right? Plus, it's summer, which means I have been toting around my favorite summer bag, a cotton hobo bag from Old Navy that I just lovelovelove!

1. Keys
2. pretty red Coach wallet I got as a birthday gift a few years ago
3. crumpled money that should be in the wallet but never is
4. Lady Products. I'm always prepared.
5. Checkbook.
6. Lip gloss. I've never been a lipstick girl, I've always preferred a lighter gloss!
7. A roll of tokens for a local arcade. We got them at a birthday party but didn't use them.
8. My trusty iPhone ensconced in my trusty OtterBox.
9. Sunglasses. If I'm not wearing my contacts, this is replaced by my prescription sunglasses.
10. My Erin Condren planner. I never leave home without it. I tried to be an iPhone planner girl, but I just can't do it. Paper planners are my true love. (that's my referral link. I can get store credit if you make a purchase using the link!)
11. A little canvas bag filled with pens. A weird quirk of mine- I need to write events and such in my planner in different colors. That way, I can eyeball a date and quickly see how full it is. Three colors = busy day.

*Not Pictured- Trains. PJ likes to go everywhere with trains, and they often end up in my bag
                        Water bottle- also for PJ. In this hot weather I always need one for him.

And there we have it!

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I use various colors also!

I love these posts because I'm nosy. It's been a long time since I've done one, I should redo.

Let's Talk Mommy said...

I absolutely love these post and I think only because I am so very nosy. lol But love what you have in your bag. lol and the bag itself. I think I would be embarrassed to show whats in my bag I carry half the house in it at all times. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

Ree said...

I see these in a number of mags. Love them!! I LOVE your bag, as well as the little pen pouch with the flower!! Where do you get one of those?? The planner is great and awesome that it's personalized!!! Gotta get one of those!!! Thanks for posting!!!

Ree said...

Oh, and I forgot to add:
What's really cool about this post is that your carpet has a 'sand' look to it. So when you first catch the picture, the 'summer' bag looks like it's laying on the 'beach'!! AWESOME!!!