Lost a few pounds and my waist for ya....

{drumroll} It's Friday, bitches!

ONE: As far as raunchy, inappropriate songs with a good beat go, Missy Elliot's "Work It" is far superior to Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines". I re-discovered that dirty little gem on Amazon Music the other day and forgot how great that song is! Feel free to discuss.

TWO: PJ is back to school this week for Extended School Year and the return to a school routine was a little more difficult than I thought it would be. He only had two weeks off, but it was enough time to squeeze in plenty of fun and let our bedtime routine go to complete shit! Getting back into the swing of early mornings was tough this week, but I think by next week we should be back to "normal!"

THREE: We have been enjoying many afternoons at our local pool. PJ loves the water and swimming is good, heavy work to counter the chaos he feels in his body sometimes. The pool is clean, nearby, and inexpensive- the summertime trifecta! But, it's also crowded, so a seat and shade is hard to come by. Shade is a must for my white-skinned little lad, so I invested in a beach shade. It was $34 and, by far, the best money I have spent in a long while. It's easy to set up and HUGE! I will love it long time.

FOUR: I have been plugging along at Weight Watchers and finally weigh below 150 lbs (please remember that I am five feet tall. A healthy weight for a shorty like me is a little less then taller lovelies). Just by a pound, but it was a goal I wanted to hit. Last night when I was dying for pizza, I had a piece. It's a total struggle- I eat when I'm bored, angry, tired (that's a big one) and happy. My sister did a 21 day sugar detox and I bow down to her in complete wonder. I can't make it past 9am without a little sugar (which has more to do with my coffee addiction, but whatev.). I'm totally inspired by her, but the struggle is real. I just plug away and try to channel my boredom/anger/fatigue/happiness to more productive things.

FIVE: One of my guily summer pleasures is America's Got Talent. My favorite part is the auditions phase! I love the freak show that is paraded across the stage- acts of epic weirdness and hilarity. But this dude? This dude slayed me. I nearly wet myself laughing:

She's got  a P-E-N-I-S! YES! (And I, clearly, am an eight year old boy)

G'nite, folks!!!

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