When we used to laugh about nothing at all...

{things on thursday...}

...that thing? When someone writes something you wish you could, and does it with a billion times more eloquence and meaning and truth than you could even dream of having? Yup. Here you go. 

...Soccer ended last week and PJ got his first ever sports trophy! Pete belongs to the school of thought that says kids get too many "participation" awards, but didn't that nerd tear up when PJ got his trophy? I am looking forward to the fall when the new season starts. PJ's behavior was sometimes difficult (running away, throwing the ball instead of kicking it, wearing the cones on his head) but the volunteers were so patient and wonderful with him!

...After I finish up this post, I am going to watch "The Perks of Being a Wallflower". This is one of my all-time favorite books, and if the movie messes up ONE BIT OF IT, you will hear me wailing from all over the eastern seaboard. I am very, very picky about books made into movies. Generally, they screw it up. Remember "Circle of Friends", the Maeve Binchy book that became Minnie Driver's first big break? OHOLYCRAP, they completely changed the ending and I am still infuriated about that!! I become very attached to books, and get married to the way I dream up the characters in my head. This makes it impossible for a movie to ever measure up.

...The oldest/bestest and I are running in a 5k obstacle course this weekend known as the ROC Race! Despite the face that I haven't run in over a week, I am really excited about this race! There's a giant, inflatable water slide. Enough said.

...I have been lusting after this ModCloth dress for ages, and I think it will be my first treat to myself when I hit a Weight Watchers milestone loss. Despite the fact that I am 5'1 and they make me look squat, I have a thing for maxi dresses. They make me so happy. I used to have a closet full of them, but I wore them to death, so it's high time  I spruced up my collection of clothing that is gorgeous, yet unflattering!

...This is a completely "nothing" post, but it is serving its purpose of keeping me in the practice. I find that when I sit down and type often, I can get into a groove of good, satisfactory writing. I have had the amazing opportunity in the past few months to contribute to some local publications, and it has been a great experience for me.

...And now, it's time to go watch a movie.

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