There's a champion in everyone!

Just a quick post tonight:

It's been a very long, busy week, and it was capped off today with a cheer competition for PJ and his Storm Twister teammates. We headed over to the Philadelphia Convention Center on a gorgeous morning so the kids could show off for the crowds, and they didn't disappoint!

Notice how PJ perfectly executes the little-known cheer move Lie On Your Belly and Look Cute! Two of our kids had to miss the performance today, leaving PJ more time than usual for his tumble solo. We added the headstand, but the lay-down-and-clap move was purely interpretive! He's so avant-garde!

In the name of honesty, we paid a Goddamn fortune for parking and then took PJ to Friendly's for lunch and ice cream to celebrate, both of which are in direct defiance of the spending guidelines for April. That is mostly because I forgot about today when we set the budget. We did not have to go to Friendly's but we certainly had to park! Either way.

Tomorrow is the Hot Chocolate Run with Randi, and my fat ass has to be out of bed by 5am. So I am going to bid you good night and go pre-load the Keurig with coffee.

A few more pictures from our day:

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