Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday!

Fridays, in general, are usually pretty good. Fridays mark the end of the work week and the beginning of a few days of relaxation and rest. The latter is generally not the case if you are a parent and/or someone who works weekends, but even if that describes you, there's still something about Friday.

This Friday, I...

...spent a quiet morning with my husband. another good report home from school! PJ has been doing so well and I am so proud of him!

...I got to watch my sister win a well-earned award for her amazing blog Luck Fupus! Wego Health awarded her the Hilarious Health Activist title in a live webcast this morning. I am so proud of this community she has created, even in the midst of all of her struggles with Lupus. Forget turning lemons to lemonade- she took a bag of crap and turned it into cheese cake! Or something delicious. At any rate, you can watch the awards ceremony and meet all of the other nominees below (skip to about 5 minutes in!):

...after the webcast, we celebrated with a delicious lunch at a local Italian eatery. Sooooooooooooo yum!

...The Boy and I spent some time at a store/play space in our town called Duck, Duck, Goose! I had never stopped in before and was surprised to find a well-stocked retail space, full of fun, safe, creative kids toys and a warm, inviting play space. PJ had so much fun and even busted out some dance moves to the Jackson 5! We will have to frequent this spot now that I have discovered it!

...PJ had cheer practice tonight, and was his best, shinny self. He was happy to see his teammates, followed directions well, and had a blast dancing with his friends. I know I have talkedandtalkedandtalked about how lucky we feel to have found this activity for PJ, but you would really have to see him in action to understand just how far he has come and how much good cheer brings out of him. Blessings, blessings, blessings.

...and now, I am about to tuck myself into bed and get some sleep. Tomorrow we are going to try out soccer for PJ and I will need all of my wits (all four of them) about me as we introduce him to a new activity. I'll try to calm my nerves by thinking about how lucky PJ is to have so many opportunities to grow and bloom and stretch.

It was a damn good day. Well played, Friday. Well played.

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