What would you say?

Having a child with Autism means that often, your child will be a bit behind his or her peers in certain developmental skills. For PJ, the most noticeable difference is in his speech. He is well behind his peers, but is improving by leaps and bounds every day! We have been very, very blessed in the speech therapists that have worked with PJ, through Early Intervention, school, and CHOP. They have all worked beautifully with PJ and have helped us bring put the best in his expressive language skills.

Some days PJ's delays can be difficult, like when a stranger asks him his name or another child asks why he "talks like a baby". Most of the time, we don't even think about it. PJ is just PJ and most of the time, the things he does have to say are hilarious!

As his skills have developed, PJ has become better at taking a stab at labeling something, even if he's not exactly sure what the word is. He will use whatever context he can to let us know if he wants something or to share something he sees. This method results in a lot of "PJ-isms":

1. Entenmann's Little Bites Muffins- a snack favorite!

Little Bites Snickerdoodle
"Four cake"
(there are four muffins per pouch. duh.)

2. Any pairing of two teams playing this sport:

"Flyers hockey!"
(click on the picture to go to original source)

3. Poo. 

"Brown Donuts"
(You guys, I have no clue on this one. But that's what he calls it.)

4. Dunkin' Donuts chocolate Munchkins: 

"Black Donuts"
(not to be confused with "White Donuts", ie, powdered sugar.)

5. Any bar that is parallel to the ground and/or a ladder-like climbing apparatus:

"Monkey Bars"
(he refers to hanging from a bar by his hands as "flying"!)

6. The game "Stampede Run": 

"Running Cousins"
(Just as an aside, this is the dumbest, most addictive game ever.)

7. His Pull-Ups for overnight, despite the fact they are A. Target brand and B. "training pants":

up & up™ Boys' Training Pants - Big Pack (Select Size)
"Huggies Diaper"
(perhaps, the Boy watches too much TV...)


MarlaJan said...

LOL, I can actually hear him saying these things!!! Love that Boy!!!!

4 CAKE!!!!!!

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I am crying laughing at brown donuts. That is awesome. I hope these are all going in the book of things to remember. I love when kids have words for things that make no real sense. MFD has a lot that I've heard about from his mom. I don't have too many. My brother had a lot too.