Thursday, I don't care about you...

{things on thursday...}

...The snow. I just can't with all of the snow. I prefer the kind that falls gently from the sky and melts the second it touches the ground. The kind that looks pretty from the window of the coffee shop while you drink a peppermint mocha with your girlfriends, and you had no trouble at all getting there because it's pretty snow, not shovel-y snow. I will admit to a slight fondness for the kind of snow my son can play in, because as it turns out, PJ and snow are likethis. But on the whole, I am over all of I am longing for springtime, our town May Fair, playground play dates, open window sleeping, and buds on the trees. This has been a particularly winter-y winter, and after a few mild ones, it's a bit of a shock to my system.

...I don't think I mentioned it yet, but my husband very generously gifted me with a fancy dSLR camera for Christmas. It was something I have wanted forever- I love to take pictures and "see" so many gorgeous things I would love to capture all the time- so I was very excited to get a Canon in my hot little hands! There has been much picture taking of PJ, the cat, and random things around the house as I attempt to learn how to operate a "big girl" camera, but when things settle down a bit, I am really looking forward to learning more about photography.

...My poor PJ has been sick the past few days. Congestion, coughing, and some GI issues have turned my energetic Boy into a limp noodle the past few days, unable to do much besides lay on the couch. Today he let me know he had to go potty, and then he asked me to carry him there! The poor thing is just wrung out and this mama can't wait until he's back to his old self. Even if his old self goes back to throwing things into the toilet. :-P

...Speaking of the Boy, this school situation has me crazed. It's hard to know how much to push or when you've pushed too hard or how to understand what is best to help your child succeed. And I am pretty sure I shouldn't start screaming at the top of my lungs. All I can do is trust our instincts as PJ's parents and trust the advice from the supports that we are so lucky to have and trust that there is no way we will let the world fail our son. So if ya have 'em to spare, send some good vibes our way.

...Today, I heard water dripping and got up to find water pouring in through our kitchen ceiling. No damage, thankfully, just a mess thus far. But, really?

...And to round things up, last week, the Oldest/Bestest friend (aka Randi) ran in her first marathon last week. I remember when she started running over a year ago, and have watched her go fro struggling though a mile to running her first 5k to celebrating her first marathon finish. I am so ridiculously proud of her. Randi gets up at the crack of dawn to fit a run in before going home, getting her kids ready and off to school, and then taking her two hour commute to work. She's one bad ass chick and I am fully inspired by her! Or, at least, I had better be inspired, since that bitch signed me up for my first 5k in April. Hold me.

Hoping that you had the Thursday of your dreams....


MarlaJan said...

I KNEW it was you she signed up!!! Oh my goodness, I'm so excited! Like, Jessie Spano excited. You will be great, I'm so proud!

We need to take a photog class.

Miami Vice house <3

Upside Down

SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Many good thoughts for the school situation.

I'm excited for your camera skills!

Woo hoo first 5k!

Gwen said...

It's Friday, I'm in love...

We haven't had a ton of snow but the cold is stupid.

I love that you got a big girl camera! I hate the water coming in through the ceiling - your video was crazy!