Somebody told me this is the place...

There is the most delicious breeze coming through my window right now. I know that Indian summer is going to come along at some point and kill my fall buzz, but for now, I am drinking it in.

That said, I was thankful for a small piece of September summer today. On a whim, Pete and I packed PJ into the car and headed to the beach. The day was perfect- warm sun, lovely breeze, and big waves. It was the Beach Day Trifecta and we soaked it in as we played in the sand, jumped the waves, and ate snacks under our beach umbrella. PJ danced in the waves and held our hands a little tighter after a bigger wave knocked him over. He dug his fingers in the sand and flung handfuls of it back into the ocean. It it truly PJ's favorite place in earth- ever since we first put his toes in the water, the beach has been his heaven. It was a quick trip, just a few hours, but it was a perfect little farewell to PJ's beloved ocean.

PJ's first week of school was a success. His class is very small right now, only four children total. A few of his buddies from last year aged into a different class, so as of right now it's a cozy little group. PJ seems to be getting off to a good start, and is excited about school. Yesterday, he ran around to the front of the porch, and when I caught up with him, he was sitting on the front step.

"What are you doing, Buddy?"

"It's time to go to school!"

he's always a blur! 
Sorry, Dude. That place is closed on Saturdays. Still, good to know he's excited about it! I am eager to talk with his teacher and social worker about some goals we would like to see added to his IEP. PJ is so, so smart and I want to make sure he is able to meet his capabilities in the best way possible. So far, we've been lucky to receive a lot of support from PJ's school staff.

Right now, the breeze is still coming in through the window and I have 25 more squats to do (Squat Challenge. So, so dumb.). I have sand to wash out of my hair and a bed to crawl in to after.

Sometimes, life's not so bad.


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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Perfect day!

I screwed the pooch on the squat challenge yesterday. I am much better at it during the week.

Indian summer is coming tomorrow I think.

DeeMarie said...

So glad you had a great beach day w/your family.
Squat Challenge kicked my ass.. Literally. I over did it and ended up pulling my Piriformis muscle - I'm still recovering. Ouch.