All the small things...

I now declare...

September is the Month of 

Doing All of the Dumb Things!! 

(the reason I chose that Blink 182 line is because I keep singing "...all the dumb things. Obvi.)

I was having a Facebook chat about the 30 Day Squat Challenge I had taken on through the month of August. A friend had asked about it and I said "It's dumb." Which it is. Squatting??? Who does that? But, dumb as it was, it worked. I am feeling more toned and fit in my thighs and abdomen than I have in a very long while. So, as dumb as it was, and it was dumb, it was a dumb thing that was worth the while.

The conversation went along, and two of my favorite girls chimed in- my sister Marla and my blog friend Steph (you can find links to their amazing blogs under the "Blogs I Adore" tab). Mar and Steph are doing a spending freeze for the month of September (which I am also taking part in, even if it is just from my own side of my shared financial situation). Sounds dumb, right? But is it enough dumb?

And there it is- all at once, the best and worst idea ever. Why NOT do a few dumb things in September? I know everyone saves their resolutions for New Years, but September is kind of a re-birth month, too. It's back to school, the start of a new season. It's the BEST month to try to turn some things around. So, I say to everyone:


The work being done on my marriage aside, there are a number of things I could work on. Spending is another one, and despite the fact that I am once again contributing to our income, I need to make sure that when I go to Target, I avoid all of those extra things that "fall" into my cart by "accident". The squat challenge? I'm doing it again, because that first 30 days ended up being worth my while. I am adding a 30 Day Crunch Challenge and 30 Day Arm Workout to the mix, too. If it was poor before, my separation has bludgeoned what was left of my self-esteem. Seeing my body tighten and look better helps bandage the wounds. Despite my bravado, I can't fix all the dumb things in one month. I can, however, work on a few, kick their ass, then work on a few more next month. 

There it is in back and white. A few goals and a timeline to get them done. It all really seems so. damn. dumb. Exercise? Dumb. Budgeting? Soooooooooooo dumb. Dumb, but good. Good for my body, wallet, self-esteem, family. I might fail...but I am thinking I won't. It's on

What about you, friends? Can I entice you to do something dumb this month? Read more books? Watch less television? Switch to organic foods? There has to be something, some small change you can do so when the leaves start to turn red, gold and orange, there will be a change in you, too. Leave me a comment and tell me what dumb thing you are going to do this month, so we can all encourage each other and cheer each other on. I promise, I will be your BIGGEST cheerleader, and follow your examples!

Let's do all the dumb things!!!!!! 


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

Let's do it! My aunt is doing the spending freeze and squat challenge too!

Gwen said...

I tried the squat challenge once, but my knees didn't like it and let me know. But I may do some other fitness challenge to get myself back on track.