My love's coming down like rain...

{stream of consciousness}

It's gloomy and grey and rainy and I love it. While I'm not ready to move to Seattle or anything, there's just something about a cool, wet, spring day. I love sitting inside with the lights out, a candle lit, the windows open and a coffee in my hand. It's my favorite weather to write in.

Of course, it has its moments, like when the sky opened up just as I was walking out the door to get PJ to his bus and I realized that all of our umbrellas (...ellas, ...ellas) were in the car. Damn it. PJ had his cute raincoat to keep him dry but Mommy got a little wet. It should be illegal to send your baby to school on a day like today. Rainy days are for snuggling. Or for having a picnic lunch in the living room in PJ's dinosaur tent. I'll put that on the list for today.

While I'm blogging about nothing in particular, a small rant: with all of the talk about the "sanctity of marriage", that fruitcake Mark Sanford was re-elected in South Carolina after the whole cheating-on-his-wife scandal?!?!?!?! What. The. Hell??? People scream about the "sanctity of marriage" but it would seem like heterosexuals can choose to interpret this however they choose? This nerd abandoned his office to go have a fling with his mistress! For six days, nobody knew where he was! The office-abandonment annoys me much more then the wife-cheating on. Being a crappy husband does not mean you are crappy at your job (ahemBillClinton) but when you need to go bang your mistress so badly that you're okay with walking away from an entire state??? Pfffft. Whatever. It's your state, South Carolina!

Lastly, my sister Marla posted her own rebuttal to the piece that I wrote about a few days ago. My version was just the story of a pissed-off sister, but Marla's version is the story about how his piece hurt her directly, and possibly others like her. I did get a response from Buzz and I'll share it later, but for now, go read what my sister had to say.

For now, it seems like the rain is passing, so it's time so get a few things done around the place before the Boy gets home from school. I am looking forward to a cozy day with him, and I hope all of you friends get to enjoy some cozy family time, too!

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(check out her blog post today- she highlights some bathing suits that are so stinking cute I put down my Swiss Roll!)


SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I need to get a link to Marla's post up on my blog for tomorrow. Today's was already scheduled and I got busy last night and forgot to add it!

I wish I was home in the dark with a candle, coffee, and notebook today.

Marta said...

I agree with everything you said about the rain except I'd swap the coffee with tea.

Also love "ella ella" =)