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{stream of consciousness}

I have been the worst blogger in the world. I have barely done so much as write a Facebook status update, much less sit down to write. It has just been one of those week. My allergies had my at their mercy and I didn't write enough, didn't clean enough, didn't go to the gym enough, and, if I can be honest, didn't parent or spouse enough. For a straight week I was in an allergy-induced, sleepy, nose-blowing haze.

Thankfully, PJ had a theme week at school, so at least getting him dressed didn't take a ton of thought! Monday was Red and White, Tuesday was Hat Day, Wednesday was Crazy Clothes (backwards and inside out!), Thursday was Crazy Socks and Friday was Favorite Places (he wore his Margate Lucy shirt!). School seems to be going so well for PJ in what has been a relatively small amount of time. He clearly loves his school, loves the bus, loves his friends and his teachers. I wasn't sure of what he would get out if school in terms of his own personal gain- mainly, if he would like it or make friends. He does and has. Who would have thought?

PJ had an evaluation with a local agency that provides ABA therapy. They came highly recommended and were the only provider that was in-network with our insurance. I thought the eval would include some one on one work with the therapist and PJ, but it was, essentially, and interview, with me answering a number of questions concerning PJ's development. To my dismay, the behaviorist didn't feel like PJ's behavior was bad enough to warrant ABA. Pete seemed to feel like it was a blessing in that a professional didn't think that PJ needed what could potentially be a back-breakingly expensive therapy, even with insurance coverage. But even though his behavior has improved by leaps and bounds, it's not the only issue that ABA would address. I don't want to be content with his progress and start coasting. PJ is so amazing and so full of potential and I want to capitalize on this time in his life that is so crucial to the rest of his life. So I am not sure where we go from here. It took me months just to get to the point where we're being told he doesn't need ABA, so I am frustrated to say the least.

It was a cranky week for me. I was feeling blah, and there was blah weather and blah life happenings to accompany it. Thankfully, a snowy, Friday morning visit to the coffee shop with some of my favorite women took some of the sting off, and the rest was blurred away by today- a sunny, perfect Saturday that was full with swim lessons, outside time, and playtime with cousins. My allergies are at bay and life feels a little like it's okay. :-)

At least, it does right now! Daylight savings time never wielded power over my life, but now that I have a child, hooooooo boy! So, it's off to gather my energy for that lost hour!

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