"When the world is cold, I will feel a glow..."

Today was a quiet, stay-inside-in-pajamas kind of day.
The Nor'easter juuuuuuust missed us, and we got a dusting
Compared to the many inches of snow our northern neighbors are contending with.
PJ has been fighting some sort of respiratory...thing.
Congested sinuses and runny nose
And while he's not running a fever or anything
He's definitely missing some of his usual bounce<\i>,
Leaving him cuddly and giggly and snuggly.
One of my favorite moods.
Pete slept off his shift and PJ and Mama snuggled.
PJ chose water and a Thomas book while I sipped a coffee and watched Yard Crashers.
If I ever saw Ahmed in a Home Depot, I would tackle the crap out of him 
Until he let me take him home.
True story.
Anyway, PJ took an early nap,
Mama watched the Flyers game,
And our day went on in the same strain.
We stayed warm and happy in our little home.
Can't beat that! 

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