"The gift of gab is the gift that I have..."

Today, I am...

   ...tired, and a little sore, but proud of myself for getting to the gym as often as I have.

   ...thrilled that PJ had a great week at school last week and started of this one with a great day, too!

   ...still needing a new pair of sneakers. My feet hurt.

   ...excited for tomorrow! :-)

   ...disgusted with the way the Flyers played tonight.

   ...enjoying PJ's new obsession with body functions, particularly burps and farts! It's kind of hilarious!

   ...so, so proud of my sister Marla, who is the cover girl for the Cardiac Center at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia in celebration of Heart Month!

   ...so excited to have picked up Green Mountain Breakfast Blend coffee for myself as a treat! YUM!

   ...dying in anticipation of my baby Boy's first-ever school Valentine's Day party!! I ordered him valentine's from Etsy.com, and can't wait to have them printed!

   ...wishing it was warmer. I am longing for outside and for some playground-ready, sunny days.

   ...please to have signed PJ up for swim lessons!

And right now, I am ready for bed. It's a busy week ahead for my little family! Hoping for an amazing week ahead for you!

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SMD @ lifeaccordingtosteph said...

I love this post idea. I'm totally stealing it in the future.

Tomorrow I start 40/40 - 40 minutes of exercise EVERY DAY for 40 days. eeeeee.