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Things On Thursday

Something very strange finally happened for me today- I felt the elusive Exercise High I have heard so many fitness enthusiasts go on and on about! I have to be honest  and admit that I hate exercise. I do it because I should and because I don't want to be a fat ass more than I don't want to exercise, although it's by a small margin. If I wasn't worried about crap like Familial Hyperlipidimia or cankles, the Swiss Rolls would win every. single. time. So I slog through trips to the gym, hating every second of it save the company of my sister on the days she can join me. I have been at it for a month now and before today, nothing. No high, just cranky. Until today, when I decided to try the Beastie Boys station on Pandora and, like a gift from God, my workout had the soundtrack of the Beastie Boys, Run D.M.C, House of Pain, Biz Markee, Beck, Violent Femmes, Naughty By Nature...it was like every song was a message from God saying "Breezy! Don't be fat anymore! Bust a Move! Walk This Way! You got what I need!". And I was adding time to my treadmill workout and doing more reps on the weight machines. It was like I was possessed! I was in such a good mood when I came home, I cleaned stuff!!

What the hell?

I will admit that it was more a music high than an exercise high that propelled me through such madness this morning, but it worked some kind of magic! I felt GOOD!

We are still slogging through the process of getting insurance approval for ABA therapy for PJ. We have found a provider that is both in network and comes highly recommended, so now it's just a waiting game to see what the insurance company requires to prove reason for treatment and how much treatment PJ will be eligible for. It's all such an annoying dog and pony show and I am pretty sure that if it wasn't for PJ, I would have given up long ago. But we're finally going in the right direction (I hope!) and I am hoping to have some sort of definitive treatment plan and idea of who will implement said treatment plan within the next two weeks. Fingers crossed.

Tomorrow is Friday and I find myself loving that day! It's a day off from the gym, so instead of rushing off after PJ gets on the bus, I can relax for a bit and watch the Today Show before I head off to my favorite coffee haunt for what has become a Traditional Friday Morning Coffee Date. The caffeine fuels my brain an the time with dear friends fuels my soul!

I am working with this cutie pie, Elle from Dig Deep Designs, to give my little blog a makeover! It's kind of like when you buy comfy new sheets and you want to nap/have sex more! I want a spiffy new space to encourage my motivation to write! It's something I have been wanting to do for a while, but it wasn't until now that I felt that making the time to write and cleaning up this space was a worthwhile task. I decided it is, so Elle is working on a design now and I am hoping it will be up soon, I'm very, very excited! :-)

This? Funny every time.

Photo: Hide your banannas! MySockMonkeyShouldLiveOnTheIsleOfMisfitToys is on the prowl!

Bwahahahahahahaha!!! Good night, friends! :-)

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