"Ain't nothin' wrong if you wanna do the Hump all night long..."

It's a cold Hump Day Evening, and I am currently indulging in three of my favorite luxuries- blogging, nighttime coffee, and The Shawshank Redemption. I don't think the hubs enjoys watching it with me because I pepper the dialogue of of movie with explanations as to why a certain scene is different then the book. Watching movies with book nerds must suck a bit. At any rate, after this bit of indulgence I need to buck up and clean the kitchen before I go to bed.


Despite the fact that my kitchen looks like a war zone, it has been an amazing week so far. Every day has been solidly good, and really, you can't beat that. The good streak actually started last Friday  (a story I am so excited to tell you about!) and has followed me into this week. PJ has been having an excellent week at school, there's been quality time and quality talks with friends, and visits to the gym every day this week, the latter being just enough to make me feel productive and less making me look like Kelly Rowlands.

Speaking of her, did you see her at the Super Bowl?? I could care less about the game but Destiny's Child pops out of the floor and I'm all "WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!". I know everyone loves Beyonce, and I love me some Bey, too! But Kelly Rowlands body is sick. My first inclination was to run to the gym, get on the treadmill, and not get off until I look like her. A slightly unrealistic goal, but a goal nonetheless. :-).

Actually, I do have a real, tangible goal: A few years ago, we cleaned out my Mom-Mom's house. She passed away in 2009, just a few weeks before the little stick in my hand came up with two lines, and in November of 2009, her house sold and we had to clean it out. As it turned out, it was just a few days before PJ was born. I remember walking through the empty house, whispering to my big belly about how sad I was that he wouldn't get the chance to eat Mom-Mom's matzo ball soup at her dining room table.

Fast forward to last Friday, putting on make-up in Marla's master bathroom as we prepared for Girl's Night. She went into her closet and unearthed a cute, retro sundress. At first I thought it was new but then I realized it had been Mom-Mom's. And I will not rest until I fit into that dress. I will rock the shit out of that dress, a pair of yellow ballet flats, and white sunglasses. I'll do my best to channel some of my Mom-Mom's ever-present faboosh-ness.

That goal will, hopefully, come to fruition, but for now, my coffee is gone and the kitchen awaits before bed.

Sigh. Off I go.

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