"Head under water and they tell me to breathe easy for awhile..."

It's 2013, and my To-Do list is on!

I am full-swing into the typical "New Year, New Life" nonsense, and I only expect it to last about a week or so and, knowing that, I am trying to milk this burst of motivation for all it's worth! There's stuff to be cleaned, crap to be purged, and other such lofty goals to meet with gusto.

It's PJ's first full week back at school and hopefully, there will be a New Years transformation for him as well. The adjustment to school has been a challenge for him, particularly adhering to the classroom rules. Pete and I are working on better methods of communication with his teachers and in-school therapists so we can execute some of their behavior modification methods at home, hopefully, providing  PJ with some continuity about what's expected of him.

I'm feeling a little less discouraged then I was a few days ago. It's not that handing PJ's manic energy or getting him through his ABA drills has become any easier, but more because my perspective has had an overhaul. I remember his first few months of Early Intervention. PJ's therapists would come to the door and he would tantrum on sight! He started Early Intervention in October, but it wasn't until January that we saw a change in PJ. He became cooperative with the expectations of his therapists and, because of that, began to thrive. Seeing him struggle right now is difficult, on a thousand different levels. It sometimes feels like we are watching nearly two years of work unravel before our eyes. I just have to have faith in where PJ is, in his therapists and teachers, and remember that PJ always rises to the occasion.

Marla and I are also hoping to rise to the occasion as, in a haze of New Years Resolution fever, we joined our local YMCA. Marla's joints aren't what they used to be (thaaaaaank you, Lupus. And by "thank you", I mean "Go fuck yourself.") so we are working out in the pool. Right now, our goal is to just keep moving, letting the resistance of the water be our exercise for now. It might be a long road for Marla to work on getting her endurance back, but we'll paddle our little asses off until we get her there. I've also managed to hit the treadmill a few times. A friend has set out a list of challenges and one is to walk or run 700 miles this year. I only have 698 to go. Heh.

Oh, also? We totally got yelled at by an old lady there! How am I nearly 36 and still getting yelled at by my elders (and also, how I am nearly 36 and still giggling about getting yelled at? Have I learned nothing??)??? Although to be fair, she yelled at us for stopping to look at a sign on the wall. Which was clearly hung there for people to, you know. Look at.

And lastly...hockey is back!!!!!! I need some orange and black in my life!!!! BOO YA!

Now, back to my To-Do list. Goodnight, friends!


Pary Moppins said...

Good luck on your New Year's goals. I have plenty of crud myself to purge and am also trying to ride the wave of inspiration. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

Erin said...

I'm totally stealing your mileage goal idea! I have been trying to figure out what to do and eating better and working out more and losing X number of pounds all seemed so...unlikely to happen! I can do mileage though!