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Things That Happened This Week

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This week was a busy one. We kept plugging away at PJ's new routines, which take up a good part of each day. It's getting a teeny bit better each day, but we still have made the decision to look for some outside help. We don't want PJ's progress to be impeded by own pride. It's time to admit defeat and look for a professional in the field of Applied Behavioral Analysis and get some help. If PJ can make this much progress with my pathetic ass trying to guide him, imagine what he can do in the hands of a pro. We're waiting for insurance information at this point, so just keep your fingers crossed for us.

PJ's teacher and I met this week to talk about putting him on a behavior program, a reward system that is akin to ABA but, of course, won't be as intense, as his teacher has a classroom of other children to attend to. I had been feeling a little discouraged about school, but meeting with PJ's teacher let me know that she really is on board with seeing him succeed. I also have to remember that we're just over a month in, and a disrupted month at that. Now, he's fully in and I think that he will grow and make progress, as he has with everything else he's ever done. It's so hard letting your babies go out into the world, and it's even more so when your baby is a little different then the other kids.

I have been reading The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. I had read of the book on Kelle Hampton's blog (Yup. I admit it. I totally drink that kool-aid. I love her blog.) and decided to give it a read. Rubin writes about how her life was comfortable and successful, but she still found herself feeling critical and rushed and unsatisfied. Realizing this, she decided to get happy. Rubin laid out her goals and then spent the next year ticking them off, month by month. Some were as simple as resolving to keep her living space neat and uncluttered, and others were more daunting, like switching careers. Goals in place, she went about ticking them off her list, finding that something as simple as picking up your crap and putting it away can make you feel happy, just as the bigger things in life can. In and of itself the book is a great read- Gretchen Rubin is very funny and engaging. But it also has me thinking- so often lately, I have felt like I was drowning. There are big things that have happened that are out of my control, but also so many little things that I choose to bitch and moan about but really, are entirely in my control and I can fix that shit.

With some recent events involving my sister Marla's health, I have decided to increase my resolve and go back to the purple hair. I figure it's a tiny thing I can do to let her know I support her. But, holy hell, this color is bleeding all over everything! Now I remember why only 16-year-olds on an "emotional journey" use Manic Panic- it's a pain in the ass!! Next months color is red for Heart Health Awareness (my sister is also a survivor of a congenital heart defect), so hopefully I'll have more luck! :-)

Speaking of things I can fix, I made a New Year's resolution to start getting more sleep. I've gone to bed before 11 exactly once. And that was last night because I felt like crap. Fail. But, 10:46 is still earlier then midnight, so off I go!

Goodnight, friends!

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