"Welcome to the new wild west..."

Things on Thursday....

...Our second week of school is almost over, and except for a pee-pee accident, it's been uneventful. It's still hard for me to put him on this bus and say goodbye, but he hops on with a cheerful "Bye bye, Mommy!" and, thus far, has moved into this new phase with relative seamless-ness (Is that a word?). My big dude! His mama, on the other hand, is still having trouble adjusting to this new phase of our lives- I miss PJ so much when he's gone. But I have amazing friends to take me to coffee or breakfast (thanks, Michelle, Marla, Carmen and Ann!), and help hold my hand- or at least fill it with coffee and pancakes- when I am weepy.

...The week started off with amazing, nearly spring-like weather, and we soaked up every possible second! We enjoyed a jacket-free, sun-shiny, beautiful afternoon picnic with some dear friends. The kids munched french fries in the sun and played on the playground with the carefree abandon that only a warm day can bring. The slides feel a little faster when the body is unencumbered with things like jackets and gloves and hats. They must cause drag or something.

The sun sets so early now, but another night, it was warm enough for PJ to take a "drive" in his brand-new pickup truck, a gift from Nan and Pop! My sweet little dude and his developmentally delayed legs don't quite have the hang of the Flintstone-style driving method just yet, but he is quickly getting the hang of it. And even if he's not moving, dude loves his truck. I can just picture him someday with a girlfriend, watching the sun set from the cab of a truck!

...Our December calendar is rapidly filling up, and I love it! There's something about December that just says hustle-bustle to me, and I relish the busy-ness of the holiday season. There's something about being busy when you can wear a sweater and scarf, clutching a peppermint mocha coffee, as opposed to being all hot and sweaty in the summer. We have birthday parties to attend, three-year-old doctors checkups to get, holiday soirees to join and shopping to get done!   

A man, his truck, and a sunset.

...I went to a PTA meeting tonight. I know, right? I seem about as well-suited to a PTA meeting as...well, there's no real analogy. If you know me, you get it. I'm not very mom-y. I can't relate to other mom's who know everyone and gossip about the other kids and moms. I'm not really a "people" person and I especially, sometimes, have trouble relating with other women. With my love of hockey, potty mouth, poor clothing choices and distaste for wine, I'm not really a girls girl. But, my son is in school and I want to be involved, so off I went, despite being ridiculously nervous. But it was a small, welcoming group and I was nicely welcomed. PJ's principal was in attendance and made sure to introduce me to other moms. Most importantly, I met the mother of a student in PJ's class. Her son is almost exactly a year older then PJ, and is very happy with the program. Being able to speak with someone in that position is a huge asset for me, so I ended up being very happy that I went. I am actually looking forward to taking part in the school programs and, in general, having a hand in the educational environment surrounding my son.

..Y'all, a huge, scary, crawly bug just walked across my living room, and Pete's not here to kill it. I went to get the vacuum to suck it up, but I lost it. So it's crawling around somewhere. I am not happy about this development.

..If you've dropped by from the Bloggy Moms December Blog Hop, hello! I have had the chance to checkout so many awesome blogs (there's a lot of great writing out there!) and have had such nice visits here. It's good stuff, so if you're new, welcome! :-)

...It's time to go pack Pete's lunch for work tomorrow, and go hide in my bedroom so the bug can't get me go to bed. Goodnight, friends! :-)

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