"Five hundred, twenty-five thousand six-hundred minutes, how do you measure a year?"

It's December.
I don't know how that happened.
It seems like it was a month ago
that we gathered at my sister's house for
PJ's second birthday.
But, it must have been a year ago because
we gathered in that same spot to celebrate his
3rd birthday!
How. Did. That. Happen?

The party had a Thomas the Train theme.
Of course.
My sweet Boy loves his Thomas!
My sister, her husband and I
decked out the house in all things train
and when we walked in with PJ
he smiled his sweet smile and said
"Ohhhh...it's Thomas!"
It sure is, baby Boy!
We laid out all the food and soon,
the house was full of family and friends and
So. Many. Children.

It was awesome!

I felt myself getting so emotional at times.
Watching the kids have so much fun,
the adults noshing and chatting,
all there to fete my Best Dude.
(In fact, I spent so much time watching
I forgot to take any pictures.
Fail. Fail. Fail.)
Eventually, it was time,
and I brought out the very large
Thomas the Train birthday cake,
complete with a working Thomas sitting atop an icing track.
Everyone sang while PJ cheered and clapped his hands,
and his Mommy and Daddy could not stop smiling!
Later, PJ opened a very large, Thomas-y pile of gifts
bestowed upon with with such generosity and love
that his very thankful Mama teared up again!

My Boy is so lucky.
He is just starting to understand
all that he has and how much love
is around him.
And oh, my heart.
My Mama heart swelled knowing that
my Best Dude has so many people
holding him up with love.
I'll have pictures just as soon
as I can get a sec to bug Aunt Marla
for the shots she got!
In the meantime,
my heart is full of all of the
pictures of the day!
Happy 3rd Birthday to you, Peter Joseph!
We celebrated with style!


Digger said...

So cute! This really is beautiful! I just found your blog through the December Blog Hop over at Bloggy Moms. Love your blog, I'm your newest follower!

Dig Deep Studio

Sarah said...

I agree with Digger, really beautiful!
Love your blog! I am visiting you back as you visit me through the blog hop. Aren't those awesome?! Excellent way to find great blogs and make new friends.
Talk soon,
Sarah xo