"You're right here in my sight..."

Last night was the official start
of the holiday season in our little town.
Trees were lit,
Songs were sung,
And a jolly fat man climbed down
from atop the municipal building
with the help of our local fire department.
Today was the first of two holiday parades!
We got bundled up an headed out
to get a good spot on the sidewalk!
A certain bad baby I won't name
kept taking his gloves and hat off.
But the parade began with the roar of motorcycles and
didn't slow down until the end!

For a little town, Collingswood knows how
to throw a parade!
Local groups walked with handmade floats
tossing candy to the children in the crowd...

Several groups of Mummers
(a phenom near and dear to those local to Philadelphia!)
strutted by
sequins flashing and banjos plinking,
stepping with the flair only Mummers have!

Oh, I hope that PJ loves the Mummers as much as I do!

After the parade, we came home
to eat lunch and warm our hands.
Later in the afternoon
we headed to a local church
who had model trains on display!

That's the face of a toddler who has trains in his sights!
And what an amazing display it was!

Huge and detailed, if you looked closely
it looked like an old-fashioned cityscape-
real and alive.

We even tried our hand at a coloring page!

And so it begins, the season of happiness and fun,
of cold, crisp weather and scarves and sweaters.
Of gratitude and giving
of growth and grace.
Of celebration and life.
In our home, it's a time of change,
of being brave and letting go,
of sharing the traditions from both sides
of PJ's family.

It's the start of the holiday season!

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Pary Moppins said...

We just had our town's Christmas parade last weekend. Here is East Texas, it didn't feel much like Christmas since every was in their shorts and t-shirts to watch the event. :) Thanks for stopping by parymoppins.net!