"Be strong, walk on..."

We fill our time on the weekends
with low key stuff, usually.
Quite time with family.
We stay in our pajamas until lunchtime.
Our weekends are sweet around here,
but not earth shattering.
Which is just how I like it!
But sometimes...
You power up with yummy food and great company
and tons of Girls Night Laughter...

you get your inner Katy Perry/badass on
And dye your own hair purple in solidarity.

(And sometimes it takes a double process bleaching and two tries at getting it purple.)
Some weekends, the threat of a hurricane looms
Cloudy and ominous,
and you tell the storm to go f*#k itself
Because you need to fight Lupus that weekend.
You see a rainbow at 7:24am
When rainbows have no business being awake
and you know something amazing is about to go down.

You walk alongside your sister
Who wears a purple wig to cover her failing hairline,
Boasting your own purple-haired hue.
And with thousands of other feet amongst your own
And tell Lupus to go f*#k itself.
I've talked about the days
when walking on a fall day feels like the only way
to heal the world.

Oh, we felt that this weekend.
We all swept out of Philadelphia
Before Sandy swept into New Jersey
And it was during the lull in between
where we savored the flavor
of an amazing weekend.


MarlaJan said...

Man, it's a shame you don't support me in anything I do. Like ever.

Upside down.

Unknown said...

Well, I stole all the pictures from your Facebook.