"We've got a lot to learn, but God knows we're worth it..."

Ahhhhh...a rainy September afternoon.

I can hardly believe that it is, indeed, September! I may have thought the summers went fast between grade levels, but now that I am a parent they go by at a rate that leaves me breathless. This summer, in particular, was the first summer that PJ was really big enough to participate, making play dates, pool days, beach trips, and mountain visits even more exciting.

We had our last hurrah this past week, our own "Say Goodbye to Summer" tour. It started in Margate, an impromptu outing that yeilded an amazing time at the beach. It was, in fact, the longest visit we ever had- an entire morning without so much as a tantrum. We jumped the waves, dug holes in the sand, talked to the seagulls (well, PJ did. "HEWOOOOO BUUUURDIES!!"), and basked in the sun. It was, literally, a perfect beach day.

As an aside, I have been horrible at sharing pictures of all of our adventures. The short explanation is that the memory card from our camera is not compatible with Pete's laptop, which I have been using for blogging. Hopefully, I can rectify this soon, as I have so many great pictures I would love to share!

PJ fell asleep at nap time with Mommy's Nook and Daddy's sweatshirt!
After a night at home, we packed up the car again and headed up to Pete's parents house in the Pocono Mountains. PJ loves it there because the rules are a bit more lax (Why, yes, PJ! Climb up and down the stairs ninety jajillion times! ) and Mama loves it there because PJ sleeps like a hibernating bear! PJ got to spend some time with his cousins and had a blast being tossed by Daddy at the indoor pool (the complex has a number of pools, playgrounds, and even a small ski trail!). The days were a bit muggy but the nights were delicious, cool and amazing. We enjoyed two nights of it before we joined the heavy Labor Day traffic and made our way home. And how lucky are we to have such a blessing to share as part of the family.

And now it's September. Back-to-School is here, the new television seasons start soon, and Uggs and Sweatshirt weather are a breath away! Even though it brings us closer to PJ's first day of school, I am so happy for Fall to usher herself in.

She's been missed!

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