"It's okay to..."

Its Ok ThursdaysI was on the phone with my sister this morning and she asked if I had read her blog today. I hadn't. She excitedly told me that she had linked up to something called "It's Okay Thursday" and was all "You should do it, too!" And since I was in a join-y mood, I decided, why not? I stopped by the host blog, Brunch With Amber (soooooooooo cute!) to check things out and now that I have a full idea of how to play, here we go!
It's Okay...

...to feel happy that I never pissed off an ex-boyfriend so much that he would do something like this to me!

...that I secretly love it when PJ sneaks into our bed at night and snuggles down between Pete and I.

...to be obsessed with "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo"! 

...to be angry with someone sometimes.

...to keep a gift certificate *forever* because spending it in your head is way more fun then actually going to the store and using it!

...that I am a horrible housekeeper.

...to fight with my husband sometimes, but even better to agree that some things have to be let go. Protecting our marriage and our love for each other is the most important thing.

...to be tired of therapists coming in and out, even though I am so thankful for them and all they have done for PJ. I sometimes feel a bit wistful, wondering what we would do with the hours spent in therapy sessions.

...speaking of therapy, to plan to file a formal complaint against the agency that dicked us around for so long concerning PJ's Developmental Integration therapy. I am angry and the missteps that allowed PJ to lose an entire summer of that particular therapy is not okay.

...that the thing that makes me excited about PJ going to school in November isn't the amount of progress he's going to make or how much he's going to love it, but how much fun shopping for school clothes will be! :-)

...that watching Gabrielle Giffords lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the DNC just left me in tears. What an amazing woman.

...that I am ready for bed.

Good night, friends! <3>

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