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Mumbled Monday (Night) Musings


There's actually less then an hour left of this first August Monday. PJ was asleep approximately 6.3 seconds after I laid him down to bed (the result of a busy day without a nap) and, night time coffee in hand, I declared myself ready to tackle my very large "To-Do Before Bed" list. I quickly lost my momentum as I allowed myself to be distracted by Facebook, the Olympics, and the new Parents magazine I got today- all while I slipped the aforementioned coffee. So shit was getting done, just v.e.r.y.s.l.o.w.l.y. Blogging was on my list, though, so this is okay. Laundry is done, living room is mostly straightened, dishwasher is loaded, and the paperwork I have to drop off at PJ's pediatrician is ready.

The realization that PJ will be going off to school in just a few short months is throwing me for a loop. Just a glimpse of a back-to-school ad or the previews of the fall clothing lines can send me into a half-panicked, half-tearful frenzy. It is hitting me that my days of playing with PJ all day- going on adventures, meeting with friends, spending slow, giggly breakfasts- are coming to a close and it will be all too soon that I will wave goodbye to my best Boy for a few hours every day.(And yes, I am sure there is someone out there who will laugh at my whining, since I have been lucky enough to be home with PJ instead of working.) My rational self knows that school will be amazing for him, and that not only will he thrive, but he will love it! But my little Mommy heart just isn't ready to share my baby with the world yet.

Our family received some sad news- my dad's cousin Jerry passed away suddenly while he was in California visiting with his daughter and grandkids. My dad grew up with Jerry- they are just a few years apart- and over the past year or two, I have been able to connect with him through the magic of Facebook. Jerry was quite a character, and often posted topics ranging from his opinions on politics to teasing notes about his children or grandchildren. My favorite posts were when he would arrange breakfast gatherings at a place called Tiffany's Diner. He referred to it as "Breakfast With the Characters" and it always made me laugh. Jerry and his wife Susan even made it down for my dad's 70th birthday celebration last year. I called my father to express my sympathy and to make sure he was okay, and he talked about how few of his family is left. He admitted to me that he thought his own time was 21 years ago, when he was diagnosed with leukemia. He has since beat that twice over, a victory in itself, and yet, I'm sure, somehow bittersweet. What a strange, beautiful blessing to live a long, full live but have to lose the ones you love. When my Mom-Mom lost her best friend, Connie, there was something missing, right up until her own passing so many years later. I'll be keeping a careful and watchful eye on my dad.

Pete and I went on a date last night, sans Toddler. I absolutely hate leaving him, but Pete was right. We needed a night out. Pete secured baby-sitting and let me know that this date was happening, so it was all I could do but to slap on some makeup and head out to dinner. We went to a local brewery, had calamari that blew.my.mind, it was so delicious, and relaxed at home together the rest of the night. I slept until EIGHT O'CLOCK! When we went to get PJ, his face lit up when he saw us and with cries of "Daddy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommymommymommy!" he jumped up and ran to us for hugs( a reaction I thought for sure would be robbed of us by Autism. But, some things are just more powerful. So, screw you, Autism. PJ missed us! )!

And now, there are only 15 minutes left of Monday and still one more item to cross of my To-Do list.

Goodnight, friends.

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