"These silly little wounds will never mend, I feel so far from where I've been..."

I can hardly believe that it's already August. The summer is very nearly over and I just don't even know how that happened! There's really only a month left of potential beach days, pool time, evening walks, air conditioning (I actually won't miss that at all!), play dates, sun after 8pm, water ice for dessert, and a perpetual layer of sunscreen on my transparent Toddler.

We have Olympic fever in our house...er, well, I do, anyway. PJ has only shown a fleeting interest in the activity on screen ("Swimming!") and Pete was switching to the Phillie's game in the middle of the men's gymnastic all-around finals the other night. What. The. Hell? The Phillie's can (and will) loose anytime, this is the olympics!. The competitions have been so exciting and the stories of these athletes amazing. Google Kayla Harrison, or John Orozco. Do it. They are stories to know.

Last week was a little like an Olympic even for me in that it was a lot to handle and took tons of energy. Thankfully, this week has been a bit more kind. My insomnia is even giving me a little break, which is wonderful! Pete and I still haven't made it out on a date yet like I had hoped but, all in all, it's been okay.

Oh, I almost forgot- there was one little snafu. You may remember how I mentioned that PJ's therapist for Developmental Integration had her beautiful son a month early. The good news is that her sweet little man is healthy and wonderful, but the bad news was that she was leaving us even sooner then we had planned. We were assigned a new therapist, and it took forever to get everything in order. We finally do, and after two visits with her I receive a call from PJ's EI coordinator letting me know that the new therapist "is no longer with the company." I can only assume that means she was fired. To be honest...I didn't really care for her, so it's a bit of a  blessing in disguise. But, PJ has only had two sessions of DI in the past five weeks, and that stresses me out. I want to get every bit out of our time left with Early Intervention before PJ starts school (sob!) and this is wasting time.

Speaking of wasting time...I wanted to go to bed at ten and it's now 11:24pm. Damn Olympics. Midnight it is.

Goodnight, friends!