"Bother me tomorrow, today I'll buy no sorrows..."

Today was one of those days.
PJ was in a very cranky, Hulk-Smashy mood
all. day. long.
Still, I shouldn't complain, since the stuff
that I thought would really suck
giant donkey gonad
this week ended up being great!
Our first meeting with the Child Study Team went very well.
His teacher is young and cute and seems very nice.
We will meet with her a few more times before school starts for PJ!
The team was very easy to work with and all in all
Pete and I were pleased with how it went.
The dentist was also a success!
PJ was scared out of his mind,
and cried. Loudly.
But he wasn't combative and cooperated with the exam.
The hygienist and the dentist handled him beautifully-
I was super impressed.
PJ was declared to have great teeth
(something I felt inordinately proud of)
and a healthy mouth, and will be a
when he goes back in 6 months!
For now, that baaaaad baby is
tucked into bed
and his Mama is trying to muster up the strength
to get some crap done around the house
before I follow suit. 
I'll need all the rest I can get
before I have to grapple again with  the agency
that has (not)provided PJ's (absentee) therapist.
So, with all of that ahead of me...
Good night.

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Shelly said...

so proud of you and pj! love you guys! so glad the dentist went well!!