"Maybe it would be cool if I rocked it old school..."

In five minutes it won't be Sunday anymore.
I should be in bed because PJ has been sleeping like crap,
  so if tonight is like the past few nights, he'll be up in an hour or two.
My poor dude.
He's one of those kids who, when he gets tired, gets revved up.
This statement will only make sense to some of you-
PJ is just like Anna in that way!!
We visited my parents tonight and he hopped all over the place like a
   (very cute, blonde, chatty) monkey on crack.
My mom made us baked chicken and roasted potatoes.
PJ ate a few slices of cheese, a bowl of fresh fruit, and some ice cream.
I guess that's somewhere between a complete nutritional fail and a wash.
Anyway, the more tired he gets the more trouble he has settling down.
Thankfully, he fell asleep with relative ease tonight.
Here's hoping it sticks.
Yesterday we spent the morning and afternoon with
   my good friend Carmen and her nephew Noah!
We had plans to go to the beach but stupid Mother Nature
   put a wrench in those plans.
Instead, we went to an indoor water park and had a BLAST!
Even though PJ was on the younger end of the age range for the place
  the boys had a great time and were pretty much in comas when we were done!
Carmen and I had a pina colada at noon.
Double win.
(The place has a bar! I know, right? It's somehow both the best and dumbest idea ever!)
Now it's six after midnight.
Officially Monday, and the start of another busy week.
I'm going to go clean up the kitchen
   (I know. Who am I?)
 and go to bed.
Goodnight, friends <3

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