"I'll do my Sunday dreaming..."

Sunday Stuff...

Today is my Mom's 60th birthday! We enjoyed brunch at The Main Street Mansion and celebrated her day! I ate so much that I could feel my stomach pressing against my sternum, and PJ ate his weight in fruit, bagels, and whipped cream! Everything was delicious and the day is beautiful- what a wonderful way to wish a Happy Birthday to my Mom!

I can't believe it's already mid-May! I don't know where this year is going but it's going by fast! My baby is two and a half! How can that be? Mid-May also means that summer is around the corner! My mom and my sister are planning a trip to the outlets tomorrow to do some clothes shopping! I am on the prowl for summer things for PJ because the poor dude has nothing! Also, I need a bra. All I have left are nursing bras and one push-up from Victoria's Secret!

The weather reports are calling for rain and as I type, there's a breeze blowing in some darker clouds, but I am hoping it holds off because my sister-in-law Shelly is having everyone ever for BBQ tonight! PJ loves seeing his cousins and I love eating Shelly's barbecue!! Er, I mean, I love seeing my sisters- and brother-in-law. That too.


I am cheating on this blog with a new piece of work. Many of you know that PJ was recently diagnosed with Autism.We don't let Autism consume our lives and I didn't want it to consume my blog, but I did need an outlet for all of the snark I had building up inside of me. It's a complicated thing, this Mammahood, and being the parent of a "special needs" child makes my thoughts complicated. And so, a blog was born. It's called The Dreaded 'Tis  and it is, essentially, the story of our life with Autism. With some funny. And the occasional "F" word.

My sister Marla has been keeping up with her blog, Luck Fupus, and I am really, really proud of her! There's been a few times that she has started to blog and abandoned it soon after, even though she's always had a great story to tell, even before Lupus. In the same way this blog has done for me, it's helping her connect with people who understand and can offer friendly commiseration! This whole Lupus deal sucks, but I've always said the sucky stuff makes for the best stories later, and I am really proud she's telling hers!

I am going to wrap this up with the most genius idea ever. Really, I hope you're sitting down for this shit, because I am about to blow. your. mind. You know how the ice cream truck just kind of wanders around the neighborhood, and if you're wanting some ice cream, you have to hope you get lucky enough for the truck to get within chasing-it-down distance?
 Well, what if instead you just text your address to an ice cream dispatch of sorts that then sends the ice cream truck right to you???? The driver can go from sale to sale to sale instead of hoping to come upon someone who wants ice cream by chance, and you can guarantee that the truck will come your way!! This is genius, people!! GENIUS!!!

You're welcome! ;-)

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