"I see you've come so far to be right where you are..."

Today was a simple, sweet little day. Pete worked last night so he slept for a bit of the day, but knowing that he'd be home with us tonight gave me something to look forward to.

Summer is thiiiiiiiisclose and the days have been increasingly humid. My, ahem...heat-sensitive men are already feeling the effects, and when Pete woke up from his nap, he said "You are not cooking tonight, there will be nothing turned on in that kitchen."

Sounded good to me. Instead, we took pizza over to his parents house so we could take advantage of their lovely back deck for some alfresco dining! As it turned out, my sassy little nieces were there and PJ was in Cousin Heaven. PJ sat with Riley (who is also Pete's goddaughter) and played so sweetly that I didn't even dare to jump up for my camera and risk breaking the spell. They chatted about cars, ran through the yard, and socialized on the steps. Riley looked so happy to have her youngest cousin all to herself and PJ looked ecstatic to have all of her attention. It was so cute and they were so funny and the moment just tucked itself right into my heart!

The kids ate pizza and chicken fingers and even though it wasn't exactly a nutritional win, there was a breeze blowing and everyone ate until they were stuffed. The kids enjoyed these gross blue popsicles, even PJ, who got mad at me when he realized that he couldn't also eat the stick. By the time we got home, PJ was filthy and full and tired! We bathed, pajamed, and tucked into a bed a very happy little boy.

Now, it's the first few minutes of Thursday and there's still so much more to look forward to this week- play dates and time with family and a huge street fair in our town on Saturday! It's such a sweet time, right now, and it makes me so happy!

Happy Thursday, friends!


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