"That's just the way it is..."

It's a lovely, cool, windy mid-afternoon in my little corner of the world, where it also happens to be opening day for our local Little League! Our apartment sits on the edge of a large park and our spring and summer are peppered with the sound of bats hitting balls, children laughing, parents cheering, and future Phillie's being announced over the loudspeaker. It's what comfort and happiness sounds like to me, and I am welcoming it right into my soul today!

Our day started out with my little family all waking in the same bed- Pete came to bed late and apparently, PJ followed him right into our room. Pete says that I woke and welcomed my boys with a kiss and snuggle, but I don't remember it at all and, instead, was surprised to find a bed full of Latini's when I woke!

We had a busy day planned- an Easter Egg hunt in the next town over followed by a bunny show at the library where my sister-in-law runs the 'tween programing! The events we an hour apart, but Pete and I imagined that at two, PJ would gather a few eggs and lose interest, leaving us plenty of time to head over to the library. We figured we had about 30 minutes. The hunt was advertised as having an area for younger children, so we happily headed over with the thought that PJ could collect eggs with other toddlers safely and easily. But things rarely go as planned and when the hunt still hadn't begun 20 minutes after its start time (and also didn't have the advertised toddler area) we turned tail and headed to our next destination with no eggs gathered. :-( I was disappointed and frustrated, but seeing PJ at the library hugging his cousins and smiling as he sweetly pet the bunnies filled my heart, as did watching the fury little bunnies navigate the agility course set up for them! He'll hunt for eggs with his cousins tomorrow and it will be awesome! :-)

Pete and I have decided to get PJ a balance bike for Easter- although this late call means it won't actually be here for Easter. Fail! Thankfully, PJ won't notice, and we are so excited to give him his very own bike as they are among his current obsessions (bikes, trains, motorcycles- pretty much anything that has wheels and moves!)! We are also hoping it will help PJ work on some of his fine and gross motor issues and be an activity that will hold his interest! And in the meantime, we're pretty sure a basket of candy will hold his interest just fine! ;-)

Until then, it's a relaxing evening in store for us! The Flyers play the Penguins in half an hour, hopefully crushing them into the ice, leaving them a trembling, crying mass of broken men. Ahem. Anyway, PJ's superhandsomedude Easter outfit is laid out and ready, there is an Easter basket to be assembled, and there is a mama who knows that even when things don't turn out as planned, it's okay.

Wishing you all a beautiful holiday!

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