"A little fall of rain..."

Just a quick hello.

It's a damp, cool, cozy night. Pete is at work and my Best Dude is passed out in bed after a fun evening with his cousins. He didn't let the fact that he is the youngest of 8 slow him down, and seeing his love for his family fills my heart with something indescribable. It's wonderful and happy and good

This morning was the annual Pancake Breakfast fundraiser at Pete's fire department. The room was full and the pancakes were plentiful and, thank God, the coffee was flowing! The fundraiser is a success every year despite the fact that PJ tried to eat them out of business! Seriously, Dude ate four big pancakes and three huge sausage links! His appetite amazes me sometimes! 

I got to spend much of the weekend with my sister Marla, which is always a win. She's started a blog about her battle with Lupus and I am super proud of her. In typical Marla style, it's called Luck Fupus, and it's to be checked out. Also, you all should know that she was very upset when "Livin' La Vida Lupus" was already taken. Go figure. :-)

The Spring Cleaning Frenzy of 2012 continues, and while it's still a hot mess by normal people standards, there is progress being made and I am very much pleased by that! 

Before I hit "Publish" and head off to bed for the night, I want to write down for posterity how much I love my little family, my husband and my son, my Sr. and my Jr. Petes. They are my little island in a sea of madness and I treasure them with all of my heart.

And with that, my loves...

Good night. 

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