"I'll love you with every beat of my heart, I swear..."

Stuff I Swore I'd Never Do When I Became A Parent...that I totally ended up doing. 

  • buy toys in excess
  • pick my sons nose
  • use spit to wipe schmutz off of his face
  • let him watch The Wiggles and Caillou
  • let PJ sleep in bed with us
  • be overprotective
  • breastfeed after a year
  • use a Nosefrida
  • feed him chicken nuggets and Kraft Mac and Cheese
  • ...and McDonald's. Friggin' McDonald's. 
  • having long conversations about his poo
  • asking the pediatrician a jillion psycho questions
  • posting billions of pictures of him to Facebook
  • cry on this birthday (it's only been two so far, but still...)
  • be happy every single day that I am his Mommy

(Wait. I totally knew I'd do that last one. And I do! Oh, do I!)

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